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Joseph Goodman is one of THE BEST

Joseph Goodman is one of THE BEST realtors in the Nashville area! He just sold our home for us in less than 90 days. He is a man of his word and a stand up guy. I would recommend him to anyone!

We could not have asks for a better agent!

We could not have asks for a better agent! he always got back to us with answers to,our questions the same day or as soon as it was possible. He kept us informed and on track through out the entire process. On top of being extremely knowledgable he was friendly and personable. We always felt welcome to ask questions about the simplest of details. I know he is busy but never made us feel he was too busy for us.

Thank you for the pleasant experience

Dear Mr.Goodman, Thank you for the pleasant experience in purchasing my home. You stood with me thru the entire process of the purchase and went the extra mile for me.Thank you so much for your excellent customer service and quality. You answered all my questions for me promptly and your effort to educate me during the process was well appreciated.